Voice for Life

  Posted: April 24, 2017

Voice for Life is a non-profit, non-political organization, whose mission is to foster respect for human life at all stages of development. They do this through their FREE health presentations offered to schools and youth groups throughout the Peace Region. Voice for Life has consistently excelled in offering youth a non-judgmental but truthful view on a variety of topics such as Abstinence, Puberty, Fetology and much more.  They work with the school districts and by following the Alberta health curriculum they have developed presentations which have a positive impact on our next generation. One of their goals is to instill respect for self and others, teaching youth to value life and finding answers to issues relevant to their culture.

Presentations will be occurring all week:

Monday, Mr. Marceau – block 8

8A – Mrs. Nichols- Block 5
8B – Mrs. Boutet- Block 6
7B/F –  Mr. McLeod- Block 7
7A – Mrs. Creelman- Block 8

8C/F – Mr. Loughlin- Block 6
7C – Mrs. Creelman- Block 8

9B – Mr. Garant- Block 2
9A – Mr. Lee- Block 4
9C – Mr. Marceau- Block 8