Safety Inspection to be Done Following Glenmary School Closure

  Posted: December 11, 2017

As you are all aware, Glenmary School was closed this afternoon due to air quality concerns relating to the ongoing modernization.  Again, all students and staff are safe.  A piece of construction machinery was expelling diesel exhaust fumes through the air vents in the school.  This unexpected situation is being taken very seriously by HFCRD and by contractor Jen-Col Construction.  In response to this situation, the Safety Manager of Jen-Col Construction will be on site tomorrow to do a thorough safety investigation at Glenmary School.  A stop work order has been administered to stop this type of construction immediately.  The results of the investigation, and a list of corrective actions to put in place, will be shared with HFCRD before this type of construction will begin again.

“Although all students and staff are safe, we are handling this situation with the utmost care.  We want to prevent this type of situation from happening again,” said Superintendent Betty Turpin. “Thank you to the Glenmary School community for the understanding while handling the school closure.  A special thank you to Glenmary staff for their prompt reaction, professionalism, and commitment to the safety of students.”

Concerned community members are encouraged to contact Superintendent Betty Turpin at 780-624-3956 or with any questions or concerns.