Glenmary Staff

Victoria Cornick – Principal

Mrs. Cornick is the principal of Glenmary school.

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Brendon Nichols – Vice Principal

Mr. Nichols is one of two Vice Principals at Glenmary and he teaches Senior High Social Studies, & Religion

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Paul Marceau – Vice Principal

Mr. Marceau is one of two Vice Principals at Glenmary.  He also spends time in the classroom teaching Religion.

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Nicole Adams

Mrs. Adams is our Inclusive Education Supervisor and she teaches Health.

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Lindsay Atkinson

Mr. Atkinson teaches Senior High Social Studies and Drama

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Amanda Balfour

Mrs. Balfour teaches Senior High & Junior High Cosmetology

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Tyler Breau

Mr. Breau teaches Junior High Social Studies, Religion, Health & CTF

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Kellie Coen

Mrs. Coen teaches Senior High English and Social Studies.

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Lori Connellan

Mrs. Conellan teaches Junior High Language Arts and Senior High Social Studies.

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Patrick Connellan

Mr. Connellan teaches Junior High Science, Religion & Health & Senior High Religion, CALM, Science, Digital Media and Art. Mr. Connellan also oversees the High School First Responder program.

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Adriana Creelman

Ms. Creelman teaches Senior High Foods and Junior High Science

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Jessica Dubrule

Mrs. Dubrule teaches Senior High Math

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Carmen Fawcett

Mrs. Fawcett teaches Junior High Math, CTF and Senior High Math.

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Paul Filaber

Mr. Filaber teaches Junior High Etudes Sociales, FLA and Senior High French and English

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Shaelene Fitchie

Mrs. Fitchie teaches Junior High FLA, Science, and Math.

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Darren Flynn

Mr. Flynn teaches Junior High Phys Ed, Senior High Excercise Science, and Phys Ed.

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Ashley Gagnon

Mrs. Gagnon teaches Senior High Sciences.

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Brad Harrop

Mr. Harrop teaches Junior High Phys Ed and Senior High Phys Ed.

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Brooks MacDonald

Mr. MacDonald teaches Senior High Math, Biology and Sciences.

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Patrick Martin

Mr. Martin teaches Junior High Social Studies, ELA & CTF

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Donna Mattie

Mrs. Mattie teaches Junior High Language Arts

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Marni Mingay

Ms. Mingay teaches Junior High ELA and Senior High English and Religion

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Arlen Pahl

Mr. Pahl teaches CTS Construction.

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Monique Randall

Madame Randall teaches Senior High French Language Arts, and Religion and is our School Counsellor.

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Scott Randall

Mr. Randall teaches Senior High Language Arts and Religion, & CALM and he oversees the Work Experience and RAP programs.

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Ally Tyler

Mrs. Hillier teaches Cyberhigh Math & Sciences

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Marissa Veitch

Ms. Veitch teaches Junior High Math, Science, Health & Religion

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Support Staff

  • Sonja Brunham, Educational Assistant
  • Ruel Capili, Head Custodian
  • Frederick Castelino, Educational Assistant
  • Tyaesha Davey, Educational Assistant
  • Payton Dixon, Educational Assistant
  • Karen Dumas-Wilson, Educational Assistant
  • Kim Harris, Educational Assistant
  • Cherise Himer, Educational Assistant
  • Lauren Lauze, Project Peace Coordinator
  • Sharon Lee, Educational Assistant
  • Shyila Lepka, Educational Assistant
  • Ken Matthews, Educational Assistant
  • Aimee Monette, Educational Assistant
  • Vanessa Monfette, Educational Assistant
  • Lynne Pardell, Library Manager
  • Ashley Payne, Educational Assistant
  • Darci Pierrot, Indigenous Success Coach & Educational Assistant
  • Sherry Rhodes, Educational Assistant
  • Natalia Savych, Educational Assistant
  • Sue Sobchyshyn, Educational Assistant
  • Rhean Whalen, Educational Assistant