Learning Resources


Upstairs in the library we have the Learning Loft, where you can get one on one EA assistance during blocks 1-6.
Academic Cafe is open at lunch time in room 165, where you can access lunchtime tutorials while you enjoy a quiet place to eat.


Looking for some online help to get you started on review or need homework help but you’re. . . at home? Check out these online resources to get you started on building background knowledge or even go through online tutorials for whole classes you might be struggling with.

Khan Academy – you can sign up for completely free tutorials in all subjects and levels.  Videos are sequential and very helpful to be able to go back and rewatch when you’re a little lost.
Crash Course – this great youtube channel has playlists in a variety of different subjects.  World History, American History, Economics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and so many others! You need to know specific concepts or time periods that you need help with, and it takes a bit of digging to find the best video, but there are so many great ones that break down major events to key ideas, and explain science concepts in a simple to understand way.
Mathantics – a great selection of math videos that are broken up into the different units, if you know the name of your unit and concepts you are struggling with, you can easily scroll through the lists of videos to find some to explain those tough math problems, plus practice worksheets to make sure you get it.
Gizmos – this one takes a bit to get set up, but don’t let that discourage you, there are so many great videos and tutorials for all of our science and math curriculums from grade 7 all the way up to 12!