Glenmary in Partnership with CyberHigh

Glenmary’s partnership with CyberHigh offers many opportunities for our junior high and senior high students.  To ensure the highest quality programming and facilitate efficient progress towards Graduation Glenmary follows these procedures when revising timetables and placing students into online courses through CyberHigh:

  • Student timetables are initially crafted by our guidance counselor and administration to ensure students graduate in a timely manner.
  • Changes to timetables occur in consultation with our counseling staff and administration.
    • If a course fits into the Glenmary timetable students will be enrolled in these classes.
    • Students who are missing Grad requirements and due to timetable pressures are unable to take them through our Glenmary course selection, will be placed into CyberHigh classes under the supervision of our Coaches Corner program.
      • Failure to attend Coaches Corner or login daily to your CyberHigh courses will result in administration withdrawing you from the class.
    • If neither of these two options is available then our administrative staff will consider partnering with the Public High School or other distance learning institutions to provide courses that move students toward Graduation.
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