Second Languages

French Immersion

Glenmary has a high-quality French Immersion program for our grade seven to twelve students. In grade seven to nine students take Math, Science, Social and Language Arts immersed in the French Language. In senior high students can access our Immersion program for instruction in Social Studies and Language Arts. At the completion of grade twelve students are functionally fluent in French while achieving all of the objectives of the regular school program. You can access more information about Immersion programming by visiting the Alberta Education website.

Glenmary students who take the Immersion program are some of our most successful learners. Results for our French Immersion students on class based assessments, Provincial Achievement Tests in grade nine and Diploma Exams in grade twelve are some of the highest in the school. Students also have the ability to achieve certification through the DELF program. You can learn more about these possibilities by visiting their website at Thanks to our excellent Immersion program students at Glenmary consistently achieve in the highest percentiles of this testing.

Immersion students also take part in a travel program once every three years. This trip is added motivation to be part of our second languages program and it offers students the opportunity to speak the language in an area of the world that has French as a first language. Glenmary also has created a high school flexibility program to assist our Immersion students with completing their high school courses and still access a variety of CTS classes. Our high school Immersion students have the ability to take Religion 25/35 as one intensive course and Religion 15/CALM in one semester. In doing so Immersion students free up access to option classes such as our Band program, extra-curricular activities and other academic subjects.

Core French

Students in grade ten, eleven and twelve also can access French 10-20-30. The purpose of the core French program is to develop skills in students so they can express themselves in basic situations provided the language they encounter is clear and based on familiar topics and structures. Parents and students can learn more about the Core French program by visiting the Alberta Education website.